The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society Board is actively seeking donations from the public, government services and corporations. In order to fund the many needs of the Society, we have applied to several sources for support. We are pleased to announce that our hard work has come to some fruition (pun intended!).

The Qulliq Power Corporation was approached and responded with a generous contribution!  This is a grant and will certainly go some distance in recharging our much depleted bank account.  We are very grateful for their support.

Are you a member of the Society or just want to help?  It’s easy!  If you are aware of a corporation or individual that can help us out with our yearly funding needs, please send any information you have to us and we will formally approach them for sponsorship.

Thanks Qulliq!  Spring is here and growing will start shortly in the greenhouse.  We have new compost, so the 2013 year will be a very green one.  Thanks also go to NorthMart for a discount on the transport and purchase of the compost.  We are indeed a community!