Hi Growers!

Hope you enjoyed some sun this weekend and didn’t get attacked too badly by the bugs!

We wanted to remind you of our Upcoming Work Party and Harvest this Tuesday at 5:30. It will have been 8 days since our last harvest, and there will be plenty of greens to go around. Please remember to bring your membership forms and either cash or cheque. Only members can participate in harvesting.

For those of you who want to partake in more greenhouse fun in between scheduled work parties, there will be a board in the GH with tasks that can be done. You can always take care of weeds (particularly in the outdoor potato bins), and watering can be done as well. NOTE- the pump is causing some issues, so we have been keeping it off. If you want to water, please use the watering cans and the garbage cans of water. Even though the water looks a little green, it’s perfectly fine to use.

For those of you who want to help out even more (and we’d love it if you did!), we are going to have a bake sale/bbq/face painting event at the Greenhouse this coming Sat August 3 at 11am. We need volunteers to bring baked goods (or any food items… takeaway meals like soups and chilis are great too!), to help with the BBQing, and to help paint faces. Please e-mail sara at sara.holzman @ gmail.com if you’d like to contribute.

See you Tuesday!! 🙂

ICGS Board