We hope the moon hasn’t eclipsed your plans for checking in with the greenhouse this week. There is always plenty going on to keep you busy. But first, a reminder to our super helpful volunteers!

Watering Crew: Please remember to sign the book when you have been in to water the plants. We want to make sure that we aren’t over-watering our veggies, so it’s much easier to keep track when everyone lets us know they’ve been in to water. Thanks for all you do to keep the greenhouse growing!

Thursday (5:15 PM) and Saturday (1 PM) Open Houses: Lots to do, including weeding, watering, and seeding. Come and sample the fresh produce from our harvests!

RESCHEDULED Sprouting Workshop: Join Josh on Thursday at 5:15 PM to learn how to grow your own sprouts at home. If you’d like to take a sprouting kit home, be sure to bring a large jar, and a rubber band that will snugly fit around the mouth of the jar. We recommend a pickle jar, or a larger mason jar.


Image Source: SFGate.com