The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society has recently become a recipient of Canada 150 funds through a partnership with Tree Canada and the Canadian National Railway. This funding program has been planting trees across the country in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Well, it’s easy right away to note that Nunavut does not have trees, nor do we have a railway, but we do have a community who are making efforts to grow local produce and promote healthy living!


We were lucky enough to have Geraldine Hyland with Tree Canada come to Iqaluit to learn more about the Greenhouse and our partnerships with the schools to grow produce 12 months of the year. A presentation was made at the High School’s assembly to highlight that these funds will be going towards buying more hydroponic towers to be shared between the schools and the Greenhouse. (This is the first year that the towers were used in the greenhouse in the summer and the schools during the school year). There will be a plaque displayed at the Greenhouse to honour this partnership.


We thank Geraldine and Tree Canada and CN for their contribution and look forward to getting these towers set up and growing!


For more information about this or any other activities, or to volunteer, or to make a financial donation, please contact us through email, instagram, or facebook!