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Welcome to August and (knock on wood!) a bit of summer once more!

With the sun shining brightly, we’ll have to remember to check on the greenhouse to ensure the plants are being watered sufficiently. If you have signed up for the Operations Subcommittee, now’s your time to shine! Sign up for the watering schedule so we can take advantage of the sunshine and kickstart our new plants.

On a more serious note, please ensure that both the front and back doors are closed and locked securely once you leave the greenhouse. If you are having trouble getting the doors to lock, please speak to a board member or let us know via email as soon as possible.

As there has been slower growth with our lettuce crops, we will not be holding today’s supplementary greens harvest. We apologize for the inconvenience, but will see you on Monday, August 10 for our regularly scheduled work party/harvest.

Yesterday, we chatted with APTN’s Kent Driscoll about growing food in Iqaluit. Keep an eye on APTN News in the coming daysΒ for his report!


With a bit more water and sunshine, our lettuce crops will be ready for another harvest!

We all know that locally grown and produced food in the north would be of great benefit to increase food security. But is it possible on a large scale, commercially viable, and sustainable basis? We sure think so!

Check out what the Kativik Regional Government is doing in Kuujuaq, Quebec!

Local food production plan aims to feed Nunavik communities

Check out our latest media feature. Β Peter Varga has shone the media spotlight on us once again. Β Thanks Peter!

Have a read!

If you’re in Iqaluit today, check out Nipivut on CBC Radio North between 12 PM and 1:30 PM for our interview with Pauline Pemik. Β Learn more about Nipivut at CBC.

We’ve been featured in some pretty great articles about food security and growing food in the north.Β  Check it out!

Sub-Arctic gardens nourish northern communities – National Post

Farming in the Arctic: It can be done by Justin Nobel – Modern Farmer

We’re grateful that people around the world are paying attention to food security in arctic!

We have been featured in Nunatsiaq News again. Thanks to Peter Varga for getting in touch with us for this article.

Check it out!

Check out this feature on the Iqaluit Greenhouse by David Murphy – Iqaluit greenhouse plods along with limited fundsΒ – it highlights some of our challenges as a non-profit society.

Thanks to David and Samantha Dawson – also from Nunatsiaq NewsΒ – for their continued interest in our greenhouse.

We’ve had several of our members point us in the direction of this fascinating article.

Have a look!

Greenhouses can help Food Security in Canada’s Vulnerable North