Have you heard the news? We’re hosting our second annual  fall food and craft sale on Thanksgiving weekend!

Do you bake? Make delicious jams and jellies? If you create wonderful foods, preserves, tasty things and crafts, and would like to sell your goodies, please contact us to reserve a table for only $20.

We’ll also have one of hydroponic towers on display and will be available to share information about the greenhouse and how you can get involved! See you there!

2016 Greenhouse Fall Poster (1)

We know we keep inviting you to our last work party, but this really is our last! Come out Thursday October 5 at 5:30 to help us get the greenhouse ready for the fall craft sale (happening Saturday 12-4!). We will be setting up a demo hydroponic tower, so if you haven’t had a chance to see these babies in action, come check it out!!



All good things must come to an end… Until next growing season! Come out Thursday Sept. 14 at 5:30 to put the greenhouse to bed for the winter and share in our final harvest of the season! We have kale, cabbage, and Swiss chard to pick. We also be disassembling our hydroponic towers and getting them ready to send off to Iqaluit schools so that they can be used during their school year. We’ll also be doing one last hurrah with the compost pile!

Hope to see you!



Please join us Saturday, September 9 at 11am in the greenhouse for our AGM. We will follow the meeting with one of our last open houses of the season, where we will harvest anything that will be adversely affected by the overnight temperatures.

We will be voting for a new board, and reviewing our financial statements. We hope you will join us to help plan for an exciting year ahead.

As the summer winds down, so will our Open Houses. But that just means we’ll be ramping up other fun events, like our Harvest Fall Fair and Fall Trivia League. Be sure to keep an eye on our page for more information.

This week’s open houses are on Thursday and Saturday. Come and see what’s growing!

Our AGM is almost here. Please keep us in mind on September 9 – we want you to get involved! Connect to the event on Facebook for a reminder and quick access to any updates.

We hope the moon hasn’t eclipsed your plans for checking in with the greenhouse this week. There is always plenty going on to keep you busy. But first, a reminder to our super helpful volunteers!

Watering Crew: Please remember to sign the book when you have been in to water the plants. We want to make sure that we aren’t over-watering our veggies, so it’s much easier to keep track when everyone lets us know they’ve been in to water. Thanks for all you do to keep the greenhouse growing!

Thursday (5:15 PM) and Saturday (1 PM) Open Houses: Lots to do, including weeding, watering, and seeding. Come and sample the fresh produce from our harvests!

RESCHEDULED Sprouting Workshop: Join Josh on Thursday at 5:15 PM to learn how to grow your own sprouts at home. If you’d like to take a sprouting kit home, be sure to bring a large jar, and a rubber band that will snugly fit around the mouth of the jar. We recommend a pickle jar, or a larger mason jar.


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The 2nd Annual Sprouting Workshop is being rescheduled from today to Thursday during our regularly scheduled Open House. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

So many things are happening at the greenhouse this week, it’s enough to make your head spin!

But if you spin on down to the greenhouse instead, you’ll find lots of fun, friends, and food. Here’s our breakdown for the week…

Trivia Night: Come out tonight for the last trivia night before our Fall League starts. Warm up your brain, and organize a team for the league. See you at 7:30 PM at the Storehouse Bar & Grill!

Thursday and Saturday Open Houses: There is always plenty to do during our open houses. Weeding, watering, planting, and harvesting. Come and see what we’ve got growing this week.

Sprouting Workshop: Join Josh to learn how to grow your own sprouts at home. If you’d like to take a sprouting kit home, be sure to bring a large jar, and a rubber band that will snugly fit around the mouth of the jar. We recommend a pickle jar, or a larger mason jar.


Image Source: CarbonAndCrown.com

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the gorgeous long weekend weather – especially Monday! If you want to be reminded of the heat, you need only take a visit to the greenhouse.

We have a few things going on this week.

Come and check us out on Thursday at 5:15 PM and Saturday at 1 PM for our usual open houses. You never know what’s ready to harvest and take home. All are welcome!

This Saturday, we’ll also be holding our first of two annual summer workshops: Vermicomposting! From 2 to 3 PM, join Josh in the greenhouse to learn about how worms create rich soil from food waste.

Are you interested in vermicomposting at home? Be sure to bring two Rubbermaid-style containers of the same size, and we will supply everything else that you need. The size of the container should depend on how much space you have at home to create a compost bin, but generally a smaller size able to fit on a countertop will be suitable.

Stay tuned for next week…we’ll be hosting another Trivia Night and workshop!

It seems we got a little ahead of ourselves this spring. We held our AGM a bit too early in order to be considered official according to our bylaws. To rectify that, we need to hold a second meeting to report on our finances from last fiscal, and elect a new Board of Directors. 

Please consider joining us on Saturday, September 9 at 11 am in the Greenhouse. This meeting will be followed immediately with a Board Meeting to select the Executive so that we may continue the good work we’ve been doing this summer. Hope to see you there!