We all know that locally grown and produced food in the north would be of great benefit to increase food security. But is it possible on a large scale, commercially viable, and sustainable basis? We sure think so!

Check out what the Kativik Regional Government is doing in Kuujuaq, Quebec!

Local food production plan aims to feed Nunavik communities

Check out our latest media feature.  Peter Varga has shone the media spotlight on us once again.  Thanks Peter!

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We’ve been featured in some pretty great articles about food security and growing food in the north.  Check it out!

Sub-Arctic gardens nourish northern communities – National Post

Farming in the Arctic: It can be done by Justin Nobel – Modern Farmer

We’re grateful that people around the world are paying attention to food security in arctic!

Worried about how yesterday’s weather affected our greenhouse crops?  Don’t be!

The fantastic Michael Chappell was able to prep our cold frames to protect them from the high winds and ensure we had adequate heat storage by increasing the bed moisture and filling the water barrels.  Because of his work, the crops were safe from the drop in temperature and we didn’t lose any production!

Thanks Michael!

July 3rd snow on the greenhouse

July 3rd snow on the greenhouse

Cold frames are secure!

Cold frames are secure!

We’ve had several of our members point us in the direction of this fascinating article.

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Greenhouses can help Food Security in Canada’s Vulnerable North