We were very privileged to welcome some special guests to the greenhouse today. Thanks to the staff and grade three students of some of our local schools for coming to learn with us.

We learned about how greenhouses work, worm composting and how things grow. We even got to plant some yellow beans to grow at home.

We look forward to welcoming the students back in grade four at the end of the greenhouse season.


Our president, Stephen, speaking about how the plastic walls of the greenhouse keeps things so warm.


Checking out the compost bins.

On the heels of our own successful AGM, we encourage you to attend the AGM of another worthy organization in Iqaluit.  The Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society will be meeting tomorrow at 3 PM.  There will be some extremely important waste management issues discussed and the BMHS needs your input!

Please plan to attend!


Don’t forget – it’s harvest day! Join us at 5:30 to harvest some fresh food for the week.

The ICGS is also beginning a member-based pilot project for composting. Please see below for further information.

composting instructions

Composting facts

If you happen to have any lettuce or spinach seeds and would like to donate it, please bring it tonight.  We’ve used up our supply for the year!

Don’t forget…it’s a regularly scheduled work party this evening starting at 5:30.  We’ve got some weeding to do and we’ll take a look at what kind of work needs to be done outside to ensure the greenhouse looks great.

Keep your eyes and ears open for information regarding our upcoming bake sale and barbecue scheduled for Saturday, August 31.  It coincides with a work party, so come on out and support the ICGS.

See you tonight!

There will be a work party at the greenhouse this Saturday (June 15) at noon.  Construction work to convert the final row of bins to beds will be completed this evening with the help of a local carpenter.  Tomorrow we will be mixing the last of the compost and soil for this bed.  As of this point, our seed order is still on its way to Iqaluit, so carrots and new lettuce planting is still forthcoming.  Don’t forget – there are plenty of bins on the upper greenhouse shelves for your individual plants and herbs!

We will be collecting membership fees tomorrow at the greenhouse from 12 PM to 1 PM.  Updated information on payments for membership will be posted on the website soon for those of you who cannot make it tomorrow.


Despite some setbacks last weekend, we have sorted out our issues with accessing the greenhouse. There are some concerns with the door frame shifting due to the greenhouse structure doing its typical settling with the spring thaw, but hope to address them on Saturday. There is still a lot of work to be done in the greenhouse before we open. If you’re able, we will be meeting for another work party on Saturday, June 1 at 12:00 noon to complete a number of tasks:

  • Planning the greenhouse layout for planting
  • Potentially painting the cold frames and shed
  • Converting a row of bins to a new bed
  • Mixing last year’s soil with our new compost
  • Wetting the soil and preparing for seeds
  • Planting some viable seeds to get some growth started!

Painting will be weather permitting and dependent upon acquiring the required paint before the weekend. If you have painting supplies (brushes, rollers, trays, etc.), we would be happy to have you bring them.

Please feel free to print out our greenhouse layout template in preparation for this weekend.

Finally we are hoping to start collecting this year’s fees. We will have new membership forms on the website and at the greenhouse this weekend if you are interested in growing with us this year. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to those of you who came out this past weekend to attempt to get some work done!

Thanks to those of you who came out this past weekend to attempt to get some work done!

Join us on Sunday, May 26 at noon for some more prep work in the greenhouse.  Weather permitting, we will be painting our cold frames and shed to encourage heat storage.  We also hope to be able to mix in our new compost.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out this past Saturday to help lug the new (frozen!) bags of compost from the seacan into the greenhouse.  With any luck, the compost will be thawed and ready to go.

We’ll be there until the work is done.  See you there!

The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society will be meeting at the greenhouse on Saturday, May 18 at noon to start digging in the dirt. We will be pulling our compost out of the shed in preparation for this year’s growing season. We will also be doing some other work in and around the greenhouse. If you are interested in coming out to help, we’d love to see you there. Let’s get ready to grow!


The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society Board is actively seeking donations from the public, government services and corporations. In order to fund the many needs of the Society, we have applied to several sources for support. We are pleased to announce that our hard work has come to some fruition (pun intended!).

The Qulliq Power Corporation was approached and responded with a generous contribution!  This is a grant and will certainly go some distance in recharging our much depleted bank account.  We are very grateful for their support.

Are you a member of the Society or just want to help?  It’s easy!  If you are aware of a corporation or individual that can help us out with our yearly funding needs, please send any information you have to us and we will formally approach them for sponsorship.

Thanks Qulliq!  Spring is here and growing will start shortly in the greenhouse.  We have new compost, so the 2013 year will be a very green one.  Thanks also go to NorthMart for a discount on the transport and purchase of the compost.  We are indeed a community!