Don’t forget – it’s harvest day! Join us at 5:30 to harvest some fresh food for the week.

The ICGS is also beginning a member-based pilot project for composting. Please see below for further information.

composting instructions

Composting facts

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our regularly scheduled work party and harvest.  We start at 11 AM!

Keep an eye out for updates on the next harvest – we’re planning a barbecue and bake sale to coincide.


It’s time for another work party! Hope to see you tonight at 5:30 to see what’s available to harvest…



Don’t forget…there will be a regularly scheduled work party and harvest Thursday starting at 5:30 PM. The greenhouse is full of leafy greens that are ready to be taken home!



Now that the greenhouse has been planted, we have set up our regular rotation of work parties and potential harvest events every eight days.  You can see the next upcoming event in the side bar to the right of the main page of this site.

Upcoming events can be found in the right side bar of the main page.

Upcoming events can be found in the right side bar of the main page.


Alternately, you can also access the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society’s Google Calendar to keep up with everything that’s happening, including our regularly scheduled work parties.

Just a reminder that Monday, September 16 at 5:30 is a scheduled work party and potential harvest.  Based on the weather, it will likely be one of our final harvests.  Please come out if you can make it.

Keep your eyes and ears open regarding our end of season activities.  Info is coming soon!

We’re looking for a few good bakers.  This Saturday, August 31 from 11 AM to 1 PM, the ICGS will be holding an end of the season bake sale and barbecue.  If you can donate some baked goods to the cause, please arrive by 10:30 AM so that we may price your items for sale.

This will coincide with a work party/harvest.  If you are in Iqaluit and haven’t seen the greenhouse before, come on down and check us out!  We’ll be harvesting potatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale, daikon radish and more.  Come and see how we grow food in the arctic.

For now, check out our August 23rd harvest pictures!






Don’t forget about the regularly scheduled work party/harvest scheduled for Thursday, August 15 at 5:30 PM.

You never know what might be ready for harvest!

Hope to see you there…

Hi Growers!

Hope you enjoyed some sun this weekend and didn’t get attacked too badly by the bugs!

We wanted to remind you of our Upcoming Work Party and Harvest this Tuesday at 5:30. It will have been 8 days since our last harvest, and there will be plenty of greens to go around. Please remember to bring your membership forms and either cash or cheque. Only members can participate in harvesting.

For those of you who want to partake in more greenhouse fun in between scheduled work parties, there will be a board in the GH with tasks that can be done. You can always take care of weeds (particularly in the outdoor potato bins), and watering can be done as well. NOTE- the pump is causing some issues, so we have been keeping it off. If you want to water, please use the watering cans and the garbage cans of water. Even though the water looks a little green, it’s perfectly fine to use.

For those of you who want to help out even more (and we’d love it if you did!), we are going to have a bake sale/bbq/face painting event at the Greenhouse this coming Sat August 3 at 11am. We need volunteers to bring baked goods (or any food items… takeaway meals like soups and chilis are great too!), to help with the BBQing, and to help paint faces. Please e-mail sara at sara.holzman @ if you’d like to contribute.

See you Tuesday!! 🙂

ICGS Board


The Board of Directors met Thursday evening in the greenhouse in order to plan for our first harvest and discovered that it needs to be sooner rather than later!  We will be holding a work party, barbecue and harvest at the greenhouse this Saturday (July 6) at noon.  There are some radishes ready to be picked, as well as three varieties of lettuce, kale and spinach.  We’ll be replanting some of the items that have been harvested and weeding and watering the rest.  There is wonderful growth in every bed, bin and pot and the Board is very excited!

Don’t forget…only paid members will be able to take home their share of the harvest.  If you have not yet paid, please ensure that you bring your membership application forms and cash or cheque to the greenhouse on Saturday.  Visit the membership information section of our greenhouse to download the forms, find out where you can bring your fees when we’re not at the greenhouse, or pay your fees online!

We have also set a tentative schedule for our summer work parties and harvests.  Keep up to date with the next event by following our “Upcoming Events” – just look to the right column on the main page.  You can also subscribe to the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society Google Calendar.

We will have hot dogs, veggie dogs, condiments and buns on hand for the barbecue.  Bring additional items such as drinks, salads or dessert to share with your fellow gardeners.

In addition to all this, we will be holding a second weed identification workshop, explain expectations for members in regards to watering the crops and will teach you how to make a wonderful salad vinaigrette with some of the fresh herbs growing in the greenhouse.  So come out, smell the fresh produce, feel the warmth of the greenhouse and get your hands dirty!

Don’t forget to watch Northbeat on CBC North Friday, July 5 at 8 PM EDT.  We’ve been told our interview will be shown!