Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer at the greenhouse?

We need people to water the growing vegetables, which need daily watering. One watering shift will take around 30 minutes.  If you can commit to one day a week, that would be fantastic! If you can commit to one day a month, that’s great too!

We need volunteers Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you would like to help out, please get in touch with us by email or through our Facebook page.

Welcome to August and (knock on wood!) a bit of summer once more!

With the sun shining brightly, we’ll have to remember to check on the greenhouse to ensure the plants are being watered sufficiently. If you have signed up for the Operations Subcommittee, now’s your time to shine! Sign up for the watering schedule so we can take advantage of the sunshine and kickstart our new plants.

On a more serious note, please ensure that both the front and back doors are closed and locked securely once you leave the greenhouse. If you are having trouble getting the doors to lock, please speak to a board member or let us know via email as soon as possible.

As there has been slower growth with our lettuce crops, we will not be holding today’s supplementary greens harvest. We apologize for the inconvenience, but will see you on Monday, August 10 for our regularly scheduled work party/harvest.

Yesterday, we chatted with APTN’s Kent Driscoll about growing food in Iqaluit. Keep an eye on APTN News in the coming days for his report!


With a bit more water and sunshine, our lettuce crops will be ready for another harvest!

Are you looking to help with the greenhouse this year? We need people to help with watering. For more details and to get access to our watering calendar, please email

We have now posted the upcoming schedule for work parties on the website.  Just look for the “Upcoming Events” listing in the right column of the main page.  It will list the next three events.  It is linked to the ICGS Google Calendar, which you can subscribe to.

This Sunday, we’ll be thinning out some of the smaller lettuce plants from the beds to make room for those plants that are growing well.  Bring your thinking caps too – we have a leak to deal with and need some ideas for a temporary fix!

Lots of room for new members.  Become a Member today!

It has been a bit of a roller coaster for us a the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society.  Last weekend, the weather finally warmed up enough to unofficially open the greenhouse, but we did not yet have a reliable source of water.  By mid-week, our water issues were solved.  We are now faced with another challenge.

It has come to our attention that the status of the liability insurance for the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society is unclear.  The ICGS board met today and tried to rectify the situation immediately but as the issue arose near the end of the business day, we did not have enough time to address and correct it.

In the best interest of all greenhouse members, we will have to temporarily close the greenhouse this weekend.

The board is actively and urgently pursuing this matter and obviously, we hope to have the greenhouse open again as soon as possible.  We suspect that we shall have the situation remedied on Monday, June 6th.

Board members will be diligently monitoring everyone’s plot and ensuring that they are watered if required.

The door code will be changed this evening and as soon as everything is in proper order, the new door code will be emailed to all plot members as soon as the greenhouse has been reopened.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our membership.

The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society Board

Welcome to the new blog for the Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society!

The 2011 planting season is about to begin!  Today we will be opening up the greenhouse to our members for a Meet and Greet event.  Come out to see your plots, meet your plotmates, pick out your seeds and learn about what grows well in a northern greenhouse.

Thanks to our operations volunteers that have come out to help with preparations in the past couple of weeks.  The plots are looking wonderful.  You’ll notice a few changes have been made.  We’ve converted three of the four rows from bins to bed-style plots.  We anticipate that this will help with drainage and mold issues that may have been seen in the past.  We are also keeping one of the rows for bin style planting – we are aware that there are a number of members interested in planting deep root vegetables, beans and potatoes – all of which thrive in the bins.  Please let us know if you prefer one or the other and we will try to accomodate your request.

We expect to have water available in the next week, so keep checking the blog and watch for emails with updates.  Until then, feel free to begin planting in your plots – you’ll just need to bring your own water to do so.

Just about ready to go!