Two posts in as many days?  Surely it can’t be approaching another growing season!  But yes, we say.  We are very excited about the events that are coming your way and you should check us out in the coming months.

First, we are getting ready to welcome back trivia night at the Kickin’ Caribou Pub!  With love in the air, questions will have a bit of romance with our Valentine’s Day theme.  Come out and support the ICGS on Wednesday, February 11 at 7 PM for our first trivia night of 2015.  It’s only $5 to enter and there are prizes to be won and fun to be had.  We hope to see you there!


We have a fantastic community up here in Iqaluit.  One of the reasons for that is having people up here who are willing to donate their time and talents to a good cause.  One of those individuals is Mark Aspland.  He is currently working at Atiigo Media as a Videographer, and just happened to be willing to help us out with a promotional video.  Thanks to Mark for making us look so great!  Check it out!

Sorry for the late notice everyone!  Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to relocate from the Francophone Centre to the Elk’s Lodge, who are generously allowing us to use their facilities on last minute notice.  The unfortunate change is that we can no longer allow children to the venue – we apologize profusely to those of our members who were planning to bring their children.

We will still be aiming for 6, though will likely start sharing our potluck closer to 6:30 to ensure most attendees will be there.  Our band will still be able to play after the dinner as well.

Thanks to Tamara and Sara who have been diligently attempting to reorganize at the last minute!

Come out to our bonus harvest this Thursday at 5:30 to harvest the last of the potatoes! 

Potatoes are really fun and rewarding to harvest and the Board would like to share the fun with all members! Most of the potatoes will be used to make a potato salad for our fall harvest party, but if there are leftovers, we will be distributing them in our usual sharesies kinda way. Hope to see you there!!download

What’s this you ask about Our Fall Harvest Party? Scroll down to our Harvest Party post for more information!!

Harvest Party


Make sure to come to the Greenhouse this Friday at 5:30 for what may be the last harvest of the season. We’ll grab the rest of the kale and swiss chard, and assess the carrots, daikons, and potatoes (they might need another week…). There’s lots to do to put the greenhouse to sleep for the season, so be sure to come by!

Also, for those who haven’t yet RSVPed for our Harvest Potluck, please go to the doodle page: Beside your name, indicate how many guests you’d like to bring (max 4). You can put a comment at the bottom with what you will be bringing.

Reminder: Sat Oct 4 6pm dinner (family friendly) 8pm on licensed with live music!

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at

SAVE THE DATE for our End of Season harvest Potluck, Saturday October 4 at 6pm!

Harvest Party

This event is for greenhouse members and their friends to share a fall meal and to celebrate our successes as a community greenhouse. Please RSVP on our doodle page with how many guests you will be bringing (max of 4) and what dish you will bring. Nobody wants 20 hummous dishes!! The event will be family friendly until 8, and 19 + with a cash bar after.


Do you have any photos from the greenhouse this year? Please email them to us at, and we’ll include them in our photo slideshow!


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